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While being Saskatchewan’s third largest city, Prince Albert has a friendly small town vibe that makes the region an attractive place to work. An abundance of job opportunities and lower cost of housing await. In the Prince Albert Region you will find all the comforts of larger urban centres … but just minutes away from your doorstep.
Whether you want to start your own business, or work for one of our innovative growing enterprises you will find a community with great schools, quality healthcare, and small town atmosphere where you know your neighbors.
The Prince Albert Region is waiting to welcome your family home – to wide-open spaces and limitless opportunities.
The Prince Albert Region is an all-around great place to work!

Top Employers

The Prince Albert Region’s economy is diversified and strong, with a high rate of business activity, and steady employment and population growth.

Top 12 companies/employers currently hiring in the region:

  • Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • City of Prince Albert
  • Sask Rivers School Division
  • Prince Albert Roman Catholic School Division
  • Lake Country Co-op
  • Sask Polytechnic
  • Mann-Northway Auto Source
  • Jay’s Transport
  • Correctional Service Canada
  • Province of Saskatchewan
  • Broda Group
  • B & B Construction Group
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The Prince Albert Region is rich in jobs! The region is a hub for healthcare, government services, education, tourism, retail and natural resources.

The Prince Albert Region benefits from a skilled workforce built from a strong locally accessible support system of career development services. Opportunities are available in a range of industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, healthcare, policing and corrections, and government services.

Search these links for opportunities throughout The Prince Albert Region: